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Team 13 Film The Trip featuring Darian Boyle Featuring a broad cross section of skiers and locations, The Trip highlights the two different worlds in skiing: the famous and the underground. With sick footage of 110 foot cliffs, neck deep powder, the scariest avalanche scene ever recorded, super pipe action, burning rails, summer camps, backcountry stashes, and more-- The Trip has it all. A well-polished and stylish ski movie, it's the underground hit ski movie of the season.
Team 13 Film Junkshow Diaries featuring Darian Boyle This big-mountain skiing video features AK heli-skiing, Superpark 5, road gaps, urban rails, neck-deep powder and backcountry booters. Its diverse footage was captured from around the world including the European Alps, Scandinavia, Canada and the U.S. This clip features Darian's now infamous "CRASH" and her recovery.


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