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 Who is Darian Boyle? Read on. . .

Standing tall at 5'11", I was born in Montclair, NJ on November 22nd, making me and interesting mix of Scorpio and Sagittarius. That might explain why I'm not quite the "traditional sports girl" . . . . I only like things Extreme. Extreme meaning man or woman vs. nature, where the odds aren't in your favor nor can be controlled. That's how the adrenaline junkie in me gets thrills. I guess my childhood is responsible for that habit. With four siblings life was an automatic competition. Keeping up with my three brothers was a full-time job. If I wanted to participate I had to play hard, their way or else my only other option was holding pom poms on the sidelines. Don't get me wrong being "girly" isn't a bad thing as long as you know when to take off your makeup, put up your hair and get the job done.

My childhood was perfect. My best friends were my parents, my brothers and my amazing baby sister. My parents opened every door possible to us because of their interests and experiences. In my youth if my mom wasn't driving us to practices she was taking all of us to Manhattan for castings and auditions, thanks to a lucrative career with Ford Modeling Agency.

Team sports taught me how to work with others while grooming my leadership skills. For three years in Junior High, I played on the Men's Lacrosse team which was definitely a character builder. In High School I played lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, ice hockey and was the only girl to race on the men's ski team.

Fortunately, our family has always had a beach house. At age nine, windsurfing and racing hobie cats with my dad was my favorite activity. Then the surfing bug got me. Later my summers were spent being a part of the National Lifeguard-Ocean rescue team for Monmouth County. Competing on the tournament team gave me the opportunity to travel and compete on a National level.

Age three is when I first strapped skies onto my feet. Weekends and holidays were spent driving with my family to Sugarbush, VT and other local ski areas. Watching and mimicking every move my brother's made- along with a few ski lessons- is how I learned to ski.

My older brother went off to a ski academy. After begging my parents and making the decision to sacrifice all other sports and my modeling/acting career, my parents knew I was serious about ski racing and sent me to Green Mountain Valley School, a ski racing academy in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Skiing was my passion and slalom and downhill were my strengths. In college, I trained with the Mount Mansfield Ski Club in Stowe, Vermont. Traveling to races every weekend was my focus and I had plans to race on the Woman's Pro Ski Tour upon graduation. The summer I graduated college, I coached skiing in Europe for Swiss Challenge. When I arrived home, I broke my leg and ankle placing my dreams for the pro tour on hold!

Injuries made me fall back on my Communications Degree that I received at Trinity College. I took a job with King World Productions working on the television shows: Inside Edition, Instant Recall and A&E Review. I was transferred to California to work as a production coordinator for Candid Camera. The television show was cancelled several months later and my love for skiing drew me to Aspen, Colorado. My friend Bill Levins talked me into competing on the World Pro Mogul Tour and that's where I found my niche. (even though my first race I crashed and took out the Budweiser sign on the course). My first year I placed 2nd overall on the tour and was known as the only girl to throw helicopters into a contest. I started competing in extreme skiing contests because I loved the physical and mental challenges of skiing natural terrain, powder and obviously getting lots of airtime.

It was then that I was asked to ski in my first ski film, the Extreme Scream by John Sandy Productions.

Another injury of stress fractures up and down both of my shins, sent me back home to New Jersey to my family and my favorite Orthopedic Surgeon Franny Pflum who mended me and sent me on my way, AGAIN.

In between hob knobbing at the Ski Show in Vegas, the K2 Freeride team asked me to join them to ski and film the remake of the K2 Performers Now. Five guys, a production crew and myself, were off traveling the country in a 60's vintage school bus. It was the closest feeling to home I've ever had without actually being there, it was a dream come true!

My love for the skiing and the steeps kept growing. After filming the Performers Now, I moved out to Squaw Valley to further my career as an extreme/freeskier.

I continued to work with cinema photographers, still photographers and discovered the sport of skiercross in the mix. Skiercross treated me well as I dominated the circuit for years. In 2000, I won the World Extreme Sports award for Best Female Freeskier.

Filming with Team 13 Productions gave me the opportunity to travel and ski around the world. We skied unexplored terrain and I named two peaks. My most recent film called the "Junk Show Diaries" highlighted a crash in Squaw Valley where I broke my neck in six places.

My skills go far beyond the slopes. Recently I joined Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain as a Reporter for the Rocky Mountain Sports Report and Rockies Weekly. I have been working as a sports host for various stations over the years including: Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Sports, NBC Sports, Out Door Life Network and Resort Sports Network.

It seems like injuries have tried to slow me down but with perseverance and a positive attitude, I feel you can not only accomplish anything you put your mind to but you can Succeed! Overcoming all life's obstacles has allowed me to be where I am today.

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